Age-old beauty in the heart
of the Chianti Classico district

A venue steeped in charm and history, inhabited first by the Etruscans and then by the Romans, from whom it takes its name. Borgo Livernano in Chianti Classico was a fortified outpost during the wars between Siena and Florence that ended in the 17th century. A small, well-preserved Romanesque church dating back to the 11th century remains today.
It later became a quiet farming village, but at the end of World War II, following a period of severe poverty, the stunningly beautiful Livernano countryside was abandoned for good in 1953.
The borgo was only restored in 2000, respecting traditional Tuscan materials and methods. Thus was created the elegant paradise we know today, an organic farm with 25 hectares of vineyards growing nine grape varieties and 1,000 olive trees, and producing honey, vegetables and fruit.
Sunk in the woods, it is a place beyond the bounds of time where you can let yourself be lulled by a simple, peaceful atmosphere that speaks of ancient, wholesome tales.
At the same time, not far from Livernano, you will find several other small towns and villages, restaurants and renowned wineries offering a multisensory tour of Chianti Classico.